The BEST River Excursion; Pools, Jumping Hiking

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“The BEST River Excursion”
(Cliff jumping Waterfalls Natural pools Hiking & this time Free dinner from City hall Ayuntamiento)

Why do we say “The BEST place”?

I can assure, that you have never seen a place like this before. This place is AMAZING with Natural Pools and lakes, Huge waterfalls,  Mountains, and Cliff Jumping of 3,5,7,10,12 meters. If you want(Not obligation) to walk further in the mountains, sometimes you will have to swim to pass through one to another lake.

Where is this place?

This place is 180 kms from Valencia towards Madrid, in the mountains, middle of nowhere.

What can we do there?
(Activities are optional)

– You can enjoy different activities (Down mentioned), or you can stay relaxed, next to a natural river, and enjoy the waterfall or go behind the waterfall and get a natural massage.

– Cliff Jumping of 3, 5, 7 12 metres,
(there is one jump of 14 meters, but you need to be professional to do that jump)

– River hiking,

– Abseiling(Optional)

– Dive under rocks (Check the last video)


We will leave Valencia at 9:00.
We will make a half way break and arrive there around 11:30.
We will be there, doing different optional activities like hiking, Jumping, Abseiling orhaving a drink next to a waterfall . We will give you details about activities in the bus.
We will stay there until 18:00,
and around 18:30 we will go to the city hall where The mayor of city will recieve us with rest of the village,
19:30 Dinner and some typical village dances,
Around 21:00 start coming back to Valencia.

As Valencia Language Exchange collaborates with Regional ministry of education and city hall, many times when we go to a village they invite us for a dinner.
Same this time, we will go to City hall, where they will welcome us offer us some drinks and food, we will have oportunity to meet locals speak with them, enjoy some local dances like paso doble etc… and after 2, 2,5 hours we will be coming back to Valencia,

Cost and how to reserve?
The cost of the trip is 19 + 1 (Aquatic Insurance) 20 euros
Group of 5 or more people 17 + 1 (Aquatic Insurance) : 19 euros
**Earlybird discount of 10% until Tuesxay 16 morning  Use “EARLYBEST” discount code.

We have a normal insurance, but for tis trip we need a speacial aquatic insurance what cost 1 euro you wil l have to pay in the bus. (details down)

Where to reserve?

You can reserve in the language exchange meetings.
Monday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36, (20:30 – 23:30)
Tuesday: Upper club, Gran via marques de Turía 40 (20:30 – 23:30)
Wednsday: HighCube, Marina Valencia  10 (20:30 – 23:30)
Thursday: Bigben,Plaza Honduras 36,(20:30 – 23:30)
Friday: Umbracle (23:00 – 01:00)

Or online here,

(there are an extra 5% charges if you buy online)

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July 2019

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2015 2nd



Things you have to bring:

  • Water, Shoes, Sun Cream, Bathing suits, towel etc..
    Shoes ( Any sports shoes,  can be wet, not Leather shoes) AND NO FLIP FLOP, We will not allow you to get in the bus, in case you don’t have shoes.

  • Food and drinks,  There is nothing to Buy, no shops, no bars, so whatever you need to Eat & Drink, you HAVE to Bring from here.

    This year to keep the place clean, they allow just one bag per person, so please put everything in small bag.

Things you should keep in Mind

The walk is easy, but there are some place you should be careful.

Weather is going to be good on this day, in case if the weather is Bad, Trip will be postponed/ cancelled or extra precautions will have to be used.

We will need the Acuatic insuarance, what costs 1 €. In case you have mountains/aquatic insurance or federado (a type of mountain insuarance) you don’t need this insurance. Let us know before Thursday!

The excursion will be in the group, We are not responsible for people who will go separated.

Never leave your garbage in the mountains, In case if we find somebody from group left garbage in the mountain, this person will never come with us in future.

Until Tuesday (20:00): 80% devolución.
Until Wednesday (20:00): 70% Devolución
Until Thursday (20:00): 50% Devolución.
After Thursday , No devolución

Meeting point

If you like Cliff Jumping... 10/09/16

A long but nice video from 2014

Reserve your ticket here:


All of our excursions in Valencia Language Exchange are organised by Travel Agency CoAcad with licence number : CV-m1881-V.

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