Bodas de isabel

Bodas de Isabel

Biggest medieval festival in Spain

Lovers of Teruel ( Spanish Romeo & Juliette)

Best time to Visit Teruel…

On Saturday we will be travelling in to the year “1217” in Teruel, and enjoy the best & Biggest Medieval Market in Spain with more than 17,000 people dressed in medieval fashion.

One of the largest historical festivals in Spain, with music, animations, dances, scenes, shows, exhibitions, animation and an impressive environment organized by 5,000 organizations from the city and around and more than 400 actors, riders, dancers etc.. to live again the history of #AmantesdeTeruel “.

The Streets of Teruel will convert into Medieval with different scenes of the history with thirteenth-century parties.

We will leave at 10:00 from Valencia.
We will arrive around 11:30 to Teruel.
You will visit the biggest medieval market in spain, exhibitions from different century, museums, concerts, You will be surprised that in matter of 10 minutes you will be entering in to different century.
After eating, we will make a guided tour to city of Teruel.

At 17:00 there is TORNEO MEDIEVAL( Medieval competition) who wants to participate. It costs 10 euros and lasts for 2 hours. You can see info about it, down in the page.

There are many activities during evening so we will come late around 21:00 from Teruel, arriving around 22:30.

Last years Photos, (Click on the photo)

Cost and How can you reserve
Cost: 20 euros, includes bus, guided tour, tickets, Best coordination and much more.

There is 10% discount, until Tuesday 18/02, Use “EARLYBODA” discount code.

Puedes reservar, en los intercambios de idiomas o online:

Intercambio de idiomas

LUNES: Bigben Plaza Honduras 36. (From 20:30)
MARTES: Upper club, Gran Vía Marqués del Turia 40 (from 20:30)
JUEVES: Bigben Plaza Honduras 36 (from 20:30)
VIERNES: MYA (From 23:30-01: 00)


At 17:00 there is TORNEO MEDIEVAL( Medieval competition) who wants to participate. It costs 10 euros and lasts for 2 hours. You can see a video about and buy the ticket here:

Important things:

The weather will be nice on Saturday, In Case weather is bad or raining we will postpone /cancel. (In both case you money will be refunded to you)

The trip will be in Group, we are not responsible for people who go outside of group. The guided tour will be in either in Spanish/English, and depends on the availability of the guide.

Cancelation policy:
in case it is very big Emergency(force majeure or health reasons) your money will be returned.
In another cases if you can’t join the trip,.

Until Sunday(20:00) 90% Refund (6 days before)
Until  Monday(20:00) 80% Refund (5 days before)
Until Tuesday (20:00) 70% Refund(4 days before)
Until Wednesday(20:00): 60% Devolución(3 days before)
Until Thursday (20:00): 30% Devolución.(2 days before)
After Thursday no Refund ,
These devolution does’t include the service fee.

Our next weekend excursion

We will visit Spain’s biggest factory “Valor” and the beautiful colourful village which smells chocolate the whole village and also in the afternoon we will go for a small visit to Benidorm.

Meeting point

All our trips are organised by Travel Agency CoAcad under licence  CV-m-1881-V.
Organizamos nuestro viaje con agencia de viaje COACAD, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

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