Cuenca by night & La Ciudad Encantada

Cuenca, Ciudad Encantada & Hanging houses

Cuenca is a small town in the south of Castilla region of Spain, whose historical old quarter is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 3 hours from Valencia. More info on cuenca: Wikipedia Cuena

Ciudad Encantada…..For many travellers, this is one of the most beautiful corners of Spain;
It is a geological site near the city of Cuenca, in which the erosive forces of weather and the waters of the nearby Júcar river have formed rocks into distinctive and memorable shapes.  It was declared a Natural Site of National Interest on 11 June 1929. More info on Ciudad: Wikipedia Ciudad Encantada

Hanging Houses ( Casa colgantes) These houses stand out with wooden balconies, literally hanging from the rock and looking towards the river Jucar, More info on Hanging houses: Wikipedia Hanging Houses

Full details below….

Every year twice, We go to Cuenca & Ciudad Encantada. Every time guides advise us to come during the evening. They say Cuenca is twice beautiful during the evening time.
So this time we decided to leave at 9:30 (and not at 8:00), So we can enjoy the afternoon & Evening views of Cuenca.

We will visit Ciudad Encantada, Cuenca & We will also stop on Ventano de Diablo (Mirador) Viewpoint to Jucar River and Hanging houses. 


— We will leave Valencia on the private bus at 09:00.

— We meet in Blasco Ibañez 111, (Just behind BigBen, Thursday meeting Bar)

— We need more or less 3 hours, we will make a stop in between.

–We will arrive around  12:30 A pause for the Lunch & Visit to the Ciudad Encantada

— The visit will be around 2 hours. We will have a private official guide.

— Visit to the Ventano de diablo.(Devil’s Window).

— Then we will leave for Cuenca, more or less 40 minutes.

–We will have an official city guide waiting for us, who will guide us through the city of Cuenca. (If you don’t want the guide, you are free to visit the city on your own)

— 2 hours of hanging out on you or come with us in the city centre for some tapas, that every time doubles the size with a beer.

— At 20:00 we will start returning to Valencia on the private bus.

Some Photos from last excursions to Cuenca (Click to see more)

Octuber 2018

April 2018

Octuber 2017

Cost & How to reserve

The Bus + Both guides (Cuenca & Ciudad Encantad) = 20 euros.
For group more than 5 people: 18€
(Second bus : + 4€)
Early Discount 10% Until  Tuesday 8/10 or until 25 places. Use discount code “EARLYCU”

Entry to Ciudad Encantada 5€ (Optional & Apart from Bus)

You pay just the bus (20€) and if you want to visit Ciudad Encantada you can pay directly at the entry or to us on the bus.
More info:

You can reserve in language Exchange Office in the language meetings or Online:

Office: (15:00 – 19:00), Plaza honduras 26

Language Meetings: (20:30 – 23:00)
Monday: in Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36
Tuesday In upper Club, Gran vía marques del turía 40
Thursday  in Bigben Plaza Honduras 36
Friday: Mya, (23:30 – 01:00)
Or Online:(5%extra charges)

Cuenca with Valencia Language Exchange

Description of different places, we will visit:

Guided tour of the city of Cuenca:

The historical center of the walled city of Cuenca is in a steep rocky mass, whose edges have been eroded by the rivers Júcar and Huécar. The city of Cuenca deserves its fame of a singular city with a spectacular natural beauty, the great singularity of its buildings, mansions, temples, churches and typical streets of other times make of this town Cuenca one of the favorite destinations to visit in its tour of Spain.

During our trip to the city we will be accompanied by an official guide of the city showing us the magic city.

we will visit the monuments, the church of San Pedro, the Plaza Mayor, in it we will see the Cathedral and at the end closing the square with three arches, the city hall the Museum of Sciences, the road before the Tower Mangana and a viewpoint with part views of the modern city of Cuenca.

Hanging Houses, (Casa Colgantes)

What are they ???

Within the buildings that we can find in their narrow streets, these houses stand out with wooden balconies, literally hanging from the rock and looking towards the river Huécar. Its origin is uncertain, but its existence is already documented in the fifteenth century. They have been used as private homes and Consistorial House. They currently house the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art of Cuenca, Fundación Juan March.

History :

Most of them were constructed without any logical sense and in any way, molding the constructions one above the other.

Ciudad Encantada

It is a set of stones that, by the action of nature, were acquiring forms of objects, people or animals, such as the winch, the stone sea, the boat, a seal or a dog. If you are looking for an original place, this is your site.

Window of the Devil:(Ventano del Diablo)

Then we will make a stop at the viewpoint of the Devil’s Window where we will also eat. It is a rocky place where erosion, for many years, was molding curious figures, arches and promontories.

Centuries ago, the land was covered by the sea. The bottom was of limestone, that once without water, was to the intemperie. The rock was exposed to natural agents and therefore has the particular physiognomy we see today

In brief,

Leaving  at 09:00 from Blasco ibañez 111.
Arriving back more or less 22:30
Bring So many drinks, Food, Water and a jacket,
Cost 20 euros.  includes, BUS; GUIDES(Cuenca & Ciudad Encantada), Travel Insurance
Entry to Ciudad Encantada 5 euros, Optional(Pay there or in Bus)

Things you should keep in Mind**

We have oficial guides for both cities (cuenca & Ciudad Encantada), But if you want to visit them on your own, you can. You will just have to tell one of the organiser and be on time at the meeting places at time of leaving.

Weather is going to be good on Sunday, in case if the weather is Bad, Trip will be postponed/ cancelled or extra precautions will have to be used. (In case of cancel and in case on the postponed date you can’t join; In both case your money will be returned to you)

*In case we make secind bus, Minimum participants are 25.

Cancellation policy:
in case it is very big Emergency(force majeure or health reasons) your money will be returned.
In another cases if you can’t join the trip,

Until Monday (20:00): 100% devolución. (5 days before)
Until Tuesday (20:00): 80% devolución. (4 days before)
Until Wednesday (20:00): 70% Devolución (3 days before)
Until Thursday (20:00): 50% Devolución. (2 days before)
After Thursday, No devolución (1 day before)
These devolution does’t include the service fee.

Any type of canclelation by VLE / Coacad will be informed minimum 24 hours in Advance and participants will get refund 100% including the service fee.

VLE & Coacad. have rights
– To change the price of the trip.
– Right to refuse somebody to board,
– Change program, if necesary,

The guided tour will be either in Enlgish and / or in Spanish, Depending on the avalablilty of the guide. VLE/Coacad doesn’t take any responsability that you could understand the guides language/Dialect.

Meeting point

All our trips are organised by Travel Agency CoAcad under licence  CV-m-1881-V.
Organizamos nuestro viaje con agencia de viaje COACAD, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

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