Carved Cave / Cueva Tallada

The Carved Cave, a patrimonial jewel with spectacular breathtaking views, inside the sea. It is an essential excursion in the Valencian community.
It is very difficult to explain the beauty in words, I will suggest to have a look on these photos or google it.

Photos from last year

It is a cave excavated on the level of the sea, Used since immemorial time to extract tosca or grit for the construction of the most singular buildings of Denia, including its castle.
The views are spectacular. The possibility of taking a bath at the end of the route means that, despite the heat, it is a recommendable excursion also in summer.

Cave: The cave is spectacular, it is about 75 meters wide and 15 meters high. The sea is intensely blue and transparent, which makes the best place to practice snorkeling.
The cave has 5 doors through which the sea enters, forming small pools of cold water since it does not receive the sun’s rays. In the cave you can go through the quarry, seeing the shapes that were left after the extraction of the stone. and Outside the cave offers a spectacular landscape. If the sea is calm you can enjoy the snorkel, seeing a great variety of fish.

Hiking Route: The route is 1 hour one hour one way and the time in the cave. The route is beautiful, bordering the sea to the cave, with unbeatable views of the Mediterranean. This route with children is not recommended, since the end of the route is a little complicated.
Tecnical details:
Difficulty: Easy-medium
Time: 1 hour (one way) (plus visiting time in the cave).
Distance: a little less 2 kms. (Going)
Altitude: 120 meters (Torre del Gerro).

– Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.
– Very important, bring water
– You must wear appropriate shoes to go on toe mountain and to get into the water.
– bring food and drinks (in backpack and not in the fridge) in the area there are no services.
– If you want to discover the inside of the cave do not forget the flashlight or frontal.
– Bring snorkel material to snorkel:
– Towel
– If you want to take pictures, take a waterproof camera or a waterproof  case
– Super important, carry an unused garbage bag, before leaving the cave, please clean it, we will collect our garbage and help the nature cleaning the other garbage if we find from other people.

We found at 9:30 in Plaza Honduras in front of Bigben.
We will arrive about 11:30 in a break.
After a break, Start of the route to the cave, which lasts about 1 hour and a half.
We will enjoy the cave, snorkel, views, food and drinks etc … Free time.
And then we went back to the beach about 6:30 pm and about 8:30 pm, 9:00 pm we are in Valencia.

Price & places:

Max seats: 55.

Bus + The Hiking trail + our organization : 18 euros
Group of 5 or more: 16€/Each

Super Earlybird discounts:
40%: until Wednesday 03/07, or first 15 tickets.
15% Until Sunday 07/07, or 25 tickets.
Use “RETALLA” discount code.

How can you book the trip?

You can reserve it in the Language Exchange or online
Monday in Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)
Tuesday in Upper Club, Gran Via Marqués del Turia 40 (20: 30-23: 00)
Wednesday in High Cube, Marina Valencia 5, (20: 30-23: 00)
Thursday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)
Friday: Umbracle (@ 23: 00-01: 00)

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje COACAD, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

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