how to choose Spanish school

how to choose Spanish school

If you are looking for a good intensive Spanish course in Valencia, you are in the right place:

The most important things, when choosing a language school vs. why we are the best?

  1. Accreditation
  • The school should have accreditation from a public language institution and in case of Spanish is INSTITUTO CERVANTES.  Because when you will be back in your country, only certificate with these stamps will be valid.

Our school is Officially accredited school from INSTITUTO CERVANTES, UNIVERSITY OF JAUME I, EAQUALS, and has been choose THE BEST SCHOOL IN SPAIN 2 TIMES ( 2015 and 2016, the Star awards).

  1. The most important base of a school is the teachers. Make sure teachers are qualified teachers. Most of the times to reduce the cost, some cheap schools appoint normal locals who do not have any idea of giving lessons but they charge very small money.

Accredited schools have the obligation to have OFFICIALLY TRAINED TEACHER FROM INSTITUTO CERVANTES and they must have minimum 2 years of experience.

The price / Quality: Not always cheap are bad and expensive are best. There should be balance. This is also true that good teachers, good material good infrastructure cost a lot of money so good schools cannot be very very cheap. However, they should have balance between price and quality.
Our school is not cheap, as we have to pay the best teacher, good infrastructure etc… as above said. However, we have a special DISCOUNT FOR ERASMUS STUDENTS. So finally, you will be learning in a high quality school but PAYING VERY LESS.

We until 15% discount for Valencia Language Exchange.


As we know, Erasmus Period can be busy, between, studies, Parties and friends. We arranged total Flexible course for you.
It works exactly like bono bus, You will have an online account, where your classes would appear, and you can change the day, time, or duration online. Every time you go to a class it will deduct from your hours balance.
For example, you reserve 80 hours, the first week you go 2 hours every day, and next week you decided to go 2 hours on Monday, 2 hours on Wednesday and 2 hours on Friday, the following week you decided 2 hours on Thursday, and 2 hours on Friday.
So 1st week, you spent: 10 hours, 2nd week you spent 6 hours, and 3rd week you spent 4 hours.
So 80 – 20 = 60 hours remaining what you can spend whenever time duration you want, and you can also cancel classes for one day/week, just keep in mind that the minimum per class is 2 hours and you should change your classes minimum 36 hours before.


The location:

School should be near to your home or University.
Valencia is a small city, but this is important fact to in consideration.
We are located just a few minutes from the universities so very easy access to them and we have also school in city center.