Morella & Peñiscola

Morella & Peñiscola

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Visit Morella one of the most beautiful towns in Spain and other beautiful city Peñiscola  a beautiful city that was a residence for Papa Luna.

Morella: Morella is consider one of the most beautiful village in Spain, a medieval city, surrounded by a 1500 metres high amazing Wall, giving a feeling of being inside an ancient building where every corner has its charm.

Peñiscola, ancient residence for Papa Luna, and famous movies location as El Cid, The Game of Thrones. The main attraction of the city is the Castle of Papa Luna, A marvellous middle ages monument constructed by Knights Templars and Pedro Martínez de Luna y Pérez de Gotor (Papa Luna) was attracted to its beauty and he converted it in his residence.


8:30 leaving Valencia
11:00 arriving to Morella, Fresh out
11:30 guided visit of Morella city and castle.
13:30 free time and lunch
15:00 Leaving for Peñiscola
16:00 Arriving
16:30 visit to Peñiscola Castel and city
19:00, free time
20:00 leaving for Valencia

Bus, Guided tour, insurance & the best organisation:  20 euros

Special discounts of 10% until Tuesday 03/12… Use promo code “EARLYMORE”

Entry to Peñiscola Castle & Morella Castle is not included, You can pay at the entry…. (5 euros)

How can you book the trip?

In Office / Language Exchange / Online

Office: Plaza Honduras 26, (9:00 – 14:00)
Language Exchanges
Monday in Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)
Tuesday in Upper Club, Gran via marques del turía 40 (20: 30-23: 00)
Wednesday in EOI, Calle Lllano de Zaidía 19 (17:30- 20:00) or Unic, Plaza Tossal (Carmen), (20: 30-23: 00)
Thursday: Bigben, Plaza Honduras 36 (20: 30-23: 00)
Friday: Umbracle (@ 23: 00-01: 00)


Important things:

The weather will be nice on the day of trip. In Case of Bad weather or snow , we won’t take risk and we will postpone /cancel. (In both case you money will be refunded to you)

The Entry to both castles, (Morella castle: 1,5€ & Peñiscola 3,5€ are not included) Who wants to visit them have to pay at the door.

Because of better organisation the max number of participants are 60

The trip will be in Group, we are not responsible for people who go outside of group.

Guided tours will be only in one language, Spanish or English, Depends on the disponibility of the guide and majority of people wants in a specific language.

Cancelation policy:
in case it is very big Emergency(force majeure or health reasons) your money will be returned.
In another cases if you can’t join the trip,.

Until Sunday(20:00) 90% Refund (6 days before)
Until  Monday(20:00) 80% Refund (5 days before)
Until Tuesday (20:00) 70% Refund(4 days before)
Until Wednesday(20:00): 60% Devolución(3 days before)
Until Thursday (20:00): 30% Devolución.(2 days before)
After Thursday no Refund ,
These devolution does’t include the service fee.

Todos nuestro viajes están organizado por agencia de viaje COACAD, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

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