best Quality and cheap

best Quality and cheap

The best way to discover a country is travelling with locals. So you can discover the culture from first hand, explore the hidden corners of the place and pay as local. 

Many times, companies take profit of people from abroad, as they don’t know the customs and local rates. That’s why most of the times, students /expats pay more in beginning of the year  than the end of the year. 

Another reason travelling with non registered companies or agencies, this may result expensive as well as dangerous at the time of any incidence. You should check the register status and check reviews of the companies before travelling. Normally every company should have Legal advice and a registered tourism number on their website. 

With the collaboration of Regional ministry of Education (Conselleria de Educación, Investigación, Cultura y Deporte), Who pay us a part of the excursions we do in  Valencian Region so the foreigner students could explore the beautiful region. Which helps us to provide us the trip in cheap rates maintaining the best quality and also there are also inspections from time to time, so we have to keep the best service.  

Valencia Language Exchange also collaborates with Valencia tourism and tourism comunitat Valenciana in many occasions. This is the reason when we visit any village or city, we have the oficial guides in very cheap rates. so we can provide the best quality in best prices. 

All trips in Valencia Language Exchange are organised by CoAcad, A travelling agency registered under regional tourism with number: CV-m-1881-V. what gives you a tranquility and assures you the insurance & best quality. And as the the travelling agency is owned by one of the organiser, they don’t charge us extra for their trips. So we can proved the cheap rates and best quality. 

And at the last, the Most important one. THE PASSION. 

Every organiser in Valencia Language Exchange, loves languages, different cultures, travelling, and organises every event because he/she likes it doing and considers it as way of life, what is very much important than money. 

Valencia Language exchange used to organise Language exchange meeting in the houses and trips in private shared cars until it became a group of thousands, but they never left the spirit. 

You will see the passion and feel the difference when you will travel with us. 

Other public and private institutes that Valencia Language Exchange collaborates with.