Ski in Valdelinares

Ski in Valdelinares

Valdelinares the famous ski station is in the province of Teruel, an hour and a half – 2 hours from Valencia.

With 17 kms of skiable domain, this station has 16 TRACKS (6 Greens, 4 Blues, 4 Reds, 1 Snowpark and 1 Funny Track, where 13220 skiers can ski.

At the station you can practice ski, snowboardi, sledding or snow fun with many activities in the snow.

There is also the possibility of ski lessons for people who do not know how to ski.

We left from Valencia around 6:30. We will arrive about 8:30 – 9:00.
A pause and distribution of the material, for those who had chosen with material and to ski.
We can be at the station until 4:30 p.m., around 5:00 p.m., we will return the material and we will return to Valencia.

Price,  includes, Date and place limits etc..
Please choose the option carefully, it would not be possible to change at the last moment.
Maximum seats are 50 and the deadline to reserve is Thursday 16.

Bus only: Bus + Travel insurance: € 25

Bus & Ski Pass: Bus + Ski Pass + Travel Insurance € 43

Complete: Bus + ski pass + ski / snow equipment rental + travel insurance: € 57

Ski lessons: Full + 3 hours of class: € 67

Sledges: Bus + access to Sled area + sledge shovel + Lunch + Travel insurance: € 37

Ski insurance € 6, Not included.

More information about the track and services:

You can book, in the office, language exchanges or online:

– Office : Plaza Honduras 26, (09:00 – 13:30)

-Language Exchange
MONDAY: Bigben Plaza Honduras 36. (From 20:30)
TUESDAY: Upper club, Gran Vía Marqués del Turia 40 (from 20:30)
THURSDAY: Bigben Plaza Honduras 36 (from 20:30)
FRIDAY: MYA (From 23: 30-01: 00)


Useful information and questions:

– What equipment is rented and what you need extra: The resort rents, Ski Skis + Boots + Sticks / Snowboard Table + Boots. Does not include Helmet and Clothes.
The resort does not rent clothes, please bring impermeable clothing, pants, jacket, gloves and cap. Advisable to take a spare part of clothes what you can leave in the bus.
– Bring sunscreen, water, and food (Although there are many restaurants, but we recommend that you take the food so you do not spend a lot of money and spend more time skiing)
– It is highly recommended to take the insurance policy, because in case of any medical assistance during the ski season, will have to be paid.

Important things:

The weather will be nice on this weekend, In Case weather is bad, Snow or raining, we won’t take risk   and we will postpone /cancel. (In both case you money will be refunded to you, if you can’t participate in next planned dated)

Because of better organisation the max number of participants are 50

The trip will be in Group, we are not responsible for people who go outside of group.  The Ski classes will be in Spanish,
Ski insurance is very recommended (the travelling insurance doesn’t cover any incident in the ski path and you will have to pay at the moment)
Please, don’t leave garbage in the mountain, We are very serious about this.

Cancelation policy:
in case it is very big Emergency(force majeure or health reasons) your money will be returned.
In another cases if you can’t join the trip,.

Until Sunday(20:00) 90% Refund (7 days before)
Until  Monday(20:00) 80% Refund (6 days before)
Until Tuesday (20:00) 70% Refund(5 days before)
Until Wednesday(20:00): 60% Devolución(4 days before)
Until Thursday (20:00): 30% Devolución.(3 days before)
After Thursday 20:00 no Refund ,
These devolution does’t include the service fee.

All our trips are organised by Travel Agency CoAcad under licence  CV-m-1881-V.
Organizamos nuestro viaje con agencia de viaje COACAD, con numero de licencia. CV-m-1881-V

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